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12.25.2011 , 07:27 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by ChokeForce View Post
If you got awards for picking up the ball
Passing the ball
Killing the player with the ball

The game would be alot better.
Currently it is just a SEE WHO CAN DO THE MOST DAMAGE AND GET MORE REWARDS type of thing. Half the team realise damage = more xp and commendations and wont even participate.
I completely agree here.

My main is a tank spec shadow and out of all the pvp matches huttball is the one I feel like I contribute most in. With the fast dash and my high mitigation I never have problems carrying the ball myself, or helping out a ball carrier with knock backs, stuns, and ofcorse guard.

Problem is even at the end of the match, if I score multiple goals, make some amazing yard gain passes at the brink of death, or sacrifice my entire lifebar to keep the ball carrier going I get no objective points for it, and no medals!

Points should be awarded for defending/assaulting the carrier for sure (maybe time in proximity based awards like the defender medals in Alderan) in addition to what you mentioned above.

Bottom line, as it is right now there's just not enough incentive to actually play the huttball game when you're in the arena, and that needs to change.