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I dunno that it's really a fair fight if you start out aware of each other's presence from range. For one, his abilities have a much larger range than yours. Two, you're not using stealth and surprise, which is one of a sin's main advantages over their opponents - being able to choose when and where to strike, and start a fight with an advantage. Three, he can heal, and you can't. Unless you interrupt everything and he's terrible at managing his focus, it's a battle of attrition that you will lose.
There is no surprise with Assassins.
No devestating starters really. Maul and Thrash are about the same damage honestly. As long as we come out of stealth(forced out or by our own intentions) and get our bonuses that's the only 6 second advantage.(increased force regen by 50% for 6 sec)
I do realize that if we started out less aware of eachothers presence AND with companions, I would have an upper hand. I could mind trap his companion for an entire Minute and he couldn't do anything about it. Then it would be like fighting two of me almost... I just realized this unfortunately. Sounds correct in plausible theory though right?

Okay. So this is mostly about my interrupts then... which is impossible to interrupt everything but... I did it as often as possible.
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