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12.25.2011 , 07:00 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Greensiberia View Post
I will come back only if two changes will be done:
1. Pvp brackets.
2. Premade only vs premade.
You would be surprised how many posts I've seen on other MMO forums saying the exact same thing. "Please get rid of premades or I am gone." The truth is, there is no easy solution to the premade problem. People will get around it by sync queuing. In a perfect world premades would only face other premades, but I see no way to enforce that.

That said, I do agree that they need to implement brackets and just get rid of "boosting" all together. Make it so everyone within 10 levels of each other get in the same WF. Make it so 50's only face other 50's. The boosting makes people too hard to kill, imo. Everyone is running around with 12k health, which is a bit much. it is even worse when there are numerous healers.

Of course, this could affect queue times negatively.