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Not all the time but most of the time player vote for friends. Each other.

Defense rarely sees a vote. Some do but they have a way of shining. Defend all match and call inc early so team can adjust in time. I'm one of those that plays for the objectives. I end up defending a lot mostly due to everyone else zerging for mid and kills instead of Huttball or nodes.

If you can call inc then hold the objective from being capped long enough, others may see this death as for the team. Then you may get a vote.

Big DPS and HPS won't win matches. There's proof in a number of forum posts.

TIP: if not in a group for PvP and no voice chat you can type out a few pre-made incoming calls in notepad. Copy and paste whatever one you need, say " -= SNOW =- " for Civil War then copy and paste it into chat. Now with your mouse open and close your inventory so the pre-toyed message is ready. Guard snow and when you see someone incoming, press enter TWICE. Now your message is in Ops chat without typing. Even enter and ctrl+V, enter is faster than typing.

I get called a MACRO'er because I do this so often. It's an insta-call for help and your team can react swiftly. Even typing the number of enemy coming to you helps. It's just copy and paste. Easy to see when fighting. Players will be forcd to bring more players over since th caught on to the quicker calls. Thus taking player off other objectives.

Best if you run the game in full screen windowed mode. Coming back from desktop is faster. I set up my chat prior to start while waiting for the timer. If I'm changing nodes I'll make the adjustments on my message when I get a chance.
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