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07.17.2014 , 05:39 PM | #4
please keep posting the rest of the parts. After playing the game for more than a year, i came to the conclusion that pvp is the real endgame content, and i enjoy playing it, and to learn more advices and strategies is always welcome. However, watching what players do sometimes is really frustrating. lowbies are made to learn to play the different warzone maps, and learn the strategies, but at 55 everyone is supposed to know what they do, and its not like that. i wish reading guides like this was an obligation for everyone before going into pvp, oh well...
nice guide, keep up the good job

Edit: in my case, i often end up trying to farm medals, i usually try to play objectives only to see in the end how i obtain normal numbers, and get 0 votes, so that takes me to the conclusion that no matter winning or losing, people only look the big numbers and the medals, and thats a pity. imho objectives in this game are not enough rewarded, but ok, thats only my opinion