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And free walkers for everyone!

Ahem. Seriously, though, lots of items would be much cheaper and much more affordable if they were available for direct purchase. And dyes would be much more affordable if we could add them to our collections(I can afford buying black/black once for all my characters, but buying it for each character, and each outfit? I'm not THAT rich).

And seeing how portable trainers are really helpful and really useful, I'm voting for this. This way people will spend their cartel coins, GTN prices will drop, and players will be able to enjoy cool black clothes and portable trainers cheaply, too.
I'm all for this too. I get the reasoning behind the gamble packs. But being able to buy outfits, mounts, and dye packs straight from CM would be even better. I have cargo holds full of partially completed outfits. I think anything brought with CC should be available in Collections. If I'm spending real money let me have it account wide. I know that may cause issues with GTN resells of CM stuff. Either way real money was spent buying that product.
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