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07.17.2014 , 03:13 AM | #856
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Here is a good idea..Unranked solo arenas and unranked solo queue arenas. SO PEOPLE CAN PRACTICE and get better!
I agree. There needs to be a place where people can practice and get better. It could potentially solve a couple of issues as well.

for example: one of the big qq's is pre-mades in unranked. Well, if a ranked type player and team want to actually get better, then they need to play together. They need to learn each others tendencies and work out strategies. Just going into a ranked arena cold isn't the smartest way to do things.

Thus, if there is a place to practice, say a non-rated ranked pvp, I think you'd get good players, teams, pre-mades etc... to join. It would make for better matches, learning, and fun. Basically a place where you don't have to risk your ranking to play a good match. And again, it could potentially take a lot of pre-mades out of standard unranked, and possibly end a lot of the qq about it.

In terms of definition - I've posted this before - but I would say any ranked match means min of 2018 expertise, non-bolstered, pre-req of an advanced class with all talent points used. Thus the definition of a non-rated ranked match means everyone is in full pvp gear, no bolster allowed.