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pugs continue to go all left during the first portal phase, i think this is an exploit
It's laziness. People just want a fast run and can't be bothered explaining fights to new people - although with this "strategy" being used so often I am quite sure most people actually think it's how the fight is meant to be done so the raid leader wouldn't have a clue what's meant to happen on the other side anyway.

This doesn't annoy me as much as the "super group" strategy for Oasis City though. I've been in groups where most of the members have only ever sat behind waiting while other people have done the work, so there hasn't been enough people there who actually know the fights to form a "super group" anyway and this results in as many wipes as it would have if everyone had participated.

Yeah, it's only story mode but people aren't getting a chance to learn anything, they aren't getting to enjoy the full experience, and they won't have any understanding of the basic fights if they go into HM. Whether you see it as an exploit or not, I think it's a shame that SM ops are so often just about getting fast ultimate comms. Some people are there for the experience and to have fun.