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Support your allies through snares! This build works exceedingly well if allies are also running their own snares (like Ion Railgun, Ion Missile, etc.). Snares (slows, turning reduction) stack additively in GSF, allowing you to debuff an enemy so that they can't move or turn. Sometimes it's just fun to see your enemies weep (while stationary ). I use this as a fun build from time to time - have to keep the game fresh and exciting! All that being said, here's the sitting duck (friendly Ion Railgun recommended but not included with purchase):


Primary Weapon: Heavy Laser Cannon (T4 Ignore Armor, T5 Increased Shield Damage)
I use heavy lasers over the other alternatives for the armor piercing and range. They are great for clearing turrets, drones, mines, killing other bombers and attacking enemies coming in to your area. Bypassing enemy bomber damage reduction is immensely useful. I go with the shield damage upgrade to weaken enemies for my missiles, drones and other allies.

Secondary Weapon: Concussion Missiles (T4 Increased Range, T5 Engine Targeting)
Snare #1! Allows you to get some heavy damage in at long range and apply the first of your four snares (30% slow with a 15 second duration)!

Engine: Interdiction Drive (T3 Improved Interdiction)
Snare #2! Enemy speed and turning rate is slowed 30% for 6 seconds, giving you a speed boost and making it tough for an enemy to get anywhere.

Systems: Interdiction Sentry Drone (T4 Increased Interdiction Effect, T5 Additional Active Drone)
Snare #3! Two drones slowing 50% within 3,500m. Separate the drones so that an enemy is perpetually snared around a friendly gunship camping spot or a satellite! This is your most powerful slow: use it wisely. Combining this with an Ion Railgun snare prevents an opponent from going anywhere. This leaves them at your mercy, wahaha!

Shields: Repair Drone (T3 Refill Ammunition)
Group utility, heal and most importantly an ammo refill for those other pilots you are running with (and yourself)! Be careful to place this in a protected area and alert teammates once you have the Refill Ammunition option in T3. Giving allied ships a renewable source of ammunition on a satellite is a wonderful thing to have. If you're selfish and/or only planning on supporting gunships, you can switch the T3 upgrade to Shield Restoration as you'll have a large amount of Concussion Missiles available to fire.

Sensor: Communication Sensors
Being under satellites you will typically be visible to almost all enemies, and since a bomber is relatively stationary (fighting only under/over satellites and other obstacles) they do an excellent job of communicating data to friendly players, including the location of gunships and other bombers.

Reactor: Large Reactor
More shields to protect yourself with. I find most kills are done through high damage in a short period, which is why I tend to favor Large Reactor over the others.

Armor: Lightweight Armor
Use what you please, they all have valid uses on this ship. I listed Lightweight Armor because the evasion will stack with Vector. Again, up to you.

Magazine: Regeneration Extender
Blaster power really isnít an issue with this build, but the regeneration extender allows you to maintain heavy laser fire for quite some time. With a higher rate of weapon power regeneration you can fire on multiple targets or wail on a snared enemy for a longer period of time.


Copilot: Vector / Oro Wogawa (Servo Jammer)
Snare #4! 20% turning debuff for 20 seconds, throw this up when an enemy's hit by one of your other snares. Works very effectively to prevent practically anything (save someone with Tensor Field) from turning around and engaging you. Unfortunately, Republic players have to listen to Oro Wogawa. I'm sorry.

Offensive: Jaesa Willsaam / Qyzen Fess (2 degrees to firing arc, 6% accuracy)
Most of the other offensive crew choices are very lackluster and do not contribute anything to bomber damage. Accuracy and firing arc help your heavy lasers out.

Defensive: Vector / Oro Wogawa (10% shield power pool, 5% evasion or 15% Shield Regen, 5% evasion)
Chosen for the Copilot ability, Servo Jammer.

Tactical: Mako / Kendra Novar (sensor radius & communication / sensor focus & communication)
The tactical crew is different because of the copilot ability (Running Interference) not being available with identical passives. The Sith Empire gets the better end of this bargain with increased sensor radius and communication range, although the difference feels minimal at best.

Engineering: Blizz / C2-N2 (10% engine power pool, 13% engine efficiency)
With regeneration extender itís unlikely youíll be running out of power to your heavy lasers. Bomber engines donít last worth a damn, though. I chose the companion that would give the largest bonus to mobility, allowing you to respond more quickly and evade longer when your snares are down.

More builds to come! The month leading up to Galactic Housing Decorator will surely give me more time to post silly/interesting builds. Here's some I haven't yet added, but I'm sure you can imagine what they're like just based off the names:

-Interdiction Drone Decimus (similar to the trolly Legion above)
-Double Missile Jurgoran (RIP railgun)
-Tanky Mangler (when the odds of dying are so low, but you have a neverending wave of targets)
-Bomberball Legion (sit on a gunship, read a book and give it Wingman from time to time)
-Quads&Pods Sting (lolfair)
-Dogfighting Rycer (want to play an inferior scout? Hi!)
-Missileboat Quell (Cluster/Concussion variant)

Have fun and good shooting!
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