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Have you ever watched a bunch of 10 year old kids play soccer? At its best, a peewee soccer game is a mob of 10 kids all surrounding the ball as it slowly moves from one end of the field to the other. At its worst, half of the kids are wandering around picking dandelions or their noses.

This is exactly the level of huttball we are currently seeing/participating in. The best "teamwork" consists of a group of players all surrounding the ball, hopefully with a couple tanks and healers mixed in, slowly walking the ball to the goal. At its worst you see single players dueling each other (picking their noses) in random corners of the map, contributing absolutely nothing to their team.

Just like you wouldn't judge the entire sport of soccer based on how a group of 3rd graders play it, you should not judge Huttball based on how you and your inexperienced noobish teamates play it.

It's quite obvious that high-level huttball will evolve to be less and less about gathering your entire team together for one long slow push to the goal. That is not coordination. That is not teamwork. Huttball is a game about creating space, controlling key locations, and quickly moving and passing the ball. Considering the map layout, the movement debuff and waiting for fire traps, it might take 3 minutes to run the ball from the middle to a goal line. If your team is already set up on the catwalks and at the goal line, you could potentially pass the ball 3 times and score in less than 30 seconds.

Getting frustrated that you keep getting cc'd on top of a fire trap as you run the ball?

Pass it.

If there's nobody on your team in a good forward position to pass to, it's just because you're playing with the gamer equivalents of 3rd graders. Don't worry though! We'll all grow up eventually.

Edit: It will also be interesting to see if Empire ends up dominating this warzone. After all, if there are more empire players on each server, and huttball is the only same-faction warzone, then the que system will often be forced to match imps against each other in a huttball match or not give them anything at all. If they play more huttball, will they eventually get better at it? time will tell.

If you got awards for picking up the ball
Passing the ball
Killing the player with the ball

The game would be alot better.
Currently it is just a SEE WHO CAN DO THE MOST DAMAGE AND GET MORE REWARDS type of thing. Half the team realise damage = more xp and commendations and wont even participate.