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First, sorry for my bad english, but i am not english native speaking.

After last update of parsec, parsec immediatly crashs after start any kind of healing in raid group.
The same is true for the other healer in our raidgroup. Seems something is not correct with healing popup.

Further more i have a question about the new shielding value in healing popup (occured since first version of parsec with shielding support):

I have edited the bonus healing for my mainchar (a sorcerer heal) to calculate the shielding value of my static barrier. But during the raid, the numbers in the healing popup are very, very high (>

Maybe it has something to do, that i am using the german version of SWTOR. I don't know.
What could be the cause of this issue ?

The calculated shielding value of parsec is arounde 6k.
This should be fixed in the new version
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