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here is an idea that i believe would help both sides have a more....neutral...winning chance :

Separate premade groups from random pug pvp queues. I believe it is sad for a certain side to get dominated just because a random group of strangers are set up against an organized team that rule the whole match from the first seconds.

Just my 2 creds. Cheers
2 points to this, what's to stop you from doing that yourself. Having a pre-made isn't necessarily what you think it is as well. A lot of times it's just as simple as guildies grouping for pvp dailies, no vent, no coordination, just pvp.

add that, one of the basic rules of pvp in this type of environment is communication. If yo uare going to have any chance of winning you must have that. Lack of of that, and you are doomed to failure. Thus understanding that at least half of all pre-mades aren't very good, then you just have to be better than them. Which just means being able to communicate. if you go in thinking you're against a pre-made and you're gonna lose, then chances are that will happen. Even further, you can typically tell if people are communicating via voice chat. Coordination is quicker and less. What I mean by this is calling out for help at pylon and if you're not in a voice chat, 5 people come running to kill one person. doing that in voice chat and only 1 or 2 people come.