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07.16.2014 , 12:00 PM | #1
I have a guardian and scoundrel fully geared for ranked PvP and am starting to gear a juggernaut tank. I have a spec for PvP that I'm happy with but what I'm unsure of is gearing. I have looked at deltias gaming and although his gear set up certainly looks good I have also seen people use a 2 piece of the vindicator set and the rest war leader in order to get the two set bonus.

What I guess I'm asking is what do you feel is better, going for war leader or getting a couple of vindicator pieces to get both set bonuses. Please do leave a Mr robot gear set up if you can. Thanks all

Deltias gaming tank gear:
(I know this is obroan but you get the idea)
Hes holding a thermal detonator!!!!