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In case it isn't apparent, this system currently punishes players for making their own choices in different quests. The system encourages players to not make their own choices, but rather make the same light side decision over and over, or the same dark side decision, so that the player is not gimped.[/U]
False argument.

You want to go 'gray' (which is a ridiculous notion given the framework of the system) and you are still constrained by the game.

You do not have a choice because you have to play the numbers. Even if you act like you are free as a bird to do what you want, when you get to 990 light or dark points, then next decision or three are made for you. You have to go the other way.

If you have been too light, then the next three people you have to kill, or lie to, or extort, or mistreat in whatever other way in order to not become light or dark 1.

That's not freedom. Further, it creates a system where characters act irrationally. They are enslaved by an imperfect system.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

You are not in any way forced to make the same decision over and over and over.

My character is free. My character makes the decision that seems right at the time. Maybe it means making a dark choice now and then, but my character is basically a light character.

So what? Those few hundred dark points I have built up are what makes my character who they are rather than some charicature.

This game and this system are built for characters like that. Characters that are heroes or villains, that are light or dark.

It does not, however, require that a character be only light or only dark.

Anyone trying to stay in the middle and pretenr that they are neutral are delusional, though.

They are bipolar, and a bigger slave to the system than any light or dark character that I play will ever be.

When all you think about are the numbers, then you lose any claim on freedom. Turn off the show alignment on mouseover options, take your finger off the Esc key, and just play the game.
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