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sure the public atmosphere plays a small part, but the real reason people dont do areanas(grouped atleast) is because very few people want to play a tank or a healer. Even fewer people know how to play tank classes(im one of them).

Yet throughout swtor arenas short life, teams are force to have half their teams comprised of tanks and healers.

News flash, halve the player base dont want to play these class types. Especially the casual crowd.

Until you see the reign of rockstar tank healer combos, this game will always have no one queing for ranked.

Not because they are scared of getting beat, or because they dont have the gear. Its because no one wants to play a game where you spend 3 to 4 minutes repeating the same rotations over and over again, against a guy whose health seems never ending.
If very few people ever play tanks or healers, then only tanks or healers wouldn't get Ranked pops. The Ranked queue definately matches by role (a tank will not be put on a team unless there's another tank to go on the other team, same with healers).

Seriously, queue up for solo ranked as a tank, watch how fast all your DPS friends get pops, while you sit in queue for an hour waiting for someone else to queue as a tank. What makes it worse was that they made it so you can't queue for regulars and ranked at the same time, meaning if I want to do anything besides sitting on the fleet and chatting while crafting, I'd leave the ranked queue after so long because of sheer boredom.

And I can also touch on the fact that, without a healer, a tank feels next to useless. All you are is basically another hp bar to burn through. Well it's not quite that bad, but it comes pretty close.