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Quote: Originally Posted by Lundorff View Post
I have a tank.
I have decent gear.
I tried ranked.
I was chewed out for not doing hard guard switch and only guarding the healer.
This was the second time I tried ranked.
I have not tried again.
If u put your guard on a healer and say to yourself well my job is done then it`s a good thing you haven`t tried it again(play some regs and start guard switching), you were gimping ur team anybody that knows what his doing from the enemy team will spot ur weakness immediatly and just chain CC ur guarded healer and nuke a DPS who now has no support from neither the healer which is CCed nor the tank which is "but I did my job". Ppl need to understand the regs is where you learn ur class as losing in regs=/=losing ranked, where people freak out over rating.