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07.16.2014 , 06:03 AM | #7
I have created an initiative on TOFN, we call it DFA. This alliance of guilds is aimed at improving both PVP and PVE. What you describe is pretty much spot on. I fail to comprehend this logic when it comes to certain PVP-ers. They complain not enough people, not enough warzones, and when you bring people together for that you are faced with comments of the sort 'G T F O, PVE Hero, carry me. Noob, scrub'.

It is mind boggling to see such attitude given the current state of the game. Every monday we queue all over TOFN making ranked instant for most. I don't know but some people do nothing but kill the mood for others. Some of us are segregated because we play another area of the game but little do they know that we were 24/7 pvp-ers and had to stop because our teams quit when ranked was removed.

I have also noticed lack of interest in balancing the factions, at least on my server. Some spend the better part of the day quitting warzones on purpose, alienating people and making them to avoid pvp and promote the empire side as being stronger.