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07.16.2014 , 04:15 AM | #33
About the Stealther capping thing especially in CW:

The primary point of stealth dps play is, to create uncertainty in the enemy defense. They can be certain with how many they have to defend a node not under pressure, drawing enemies away from the main fight.

And yes the off node is worse to hold than mid, but simply killing the node guard and taking is changes the dynamics drastically. The enemy team now quite some pressure to get mid quickly and a decent operative or assassin, can hold on without support against 2-3 inc for quite some time. All this already give your team some edge ticks. It exposes weakness in their communication and can immediately punich. And it makes lives for healer a lot harder, since healers usually prefer a stationary death match to running all over the place to nodes.

I tend not to sap cap anymore, at least when i can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that it is a 1v1. The reason for that is that as stealth dps you use most of your advantage in a 1v1 situation once you unstealth. You might get the node with a sap cap, but the node guard is still there, most likely with full resolve or close to it. If he now manage kill you, well the cap was totally in vain. Most of the time it is the better idea (unless it is a tank) to burst him down and then cap, also because it makes it hard to call incommings (you have plenty of time to do that while being sapped). Addition Sorc and PT can still stop you from capping.

Point is a well played stealth dps, usually is a good asset to your team in objective wise, even if hardly he hard does the damage than those engaging in the main fight.