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07.16.2014 , 01:39 AM | #5
Unfortunately gear is just a senseless grind when it comes to pvp. Players told so before the patch... they still introduced a new level... *sigh*

But the OP has much truth in his words. And unfortunately, if you have 8 players (4vs4) and only one of them is an *hole... that's enough to ruin it for anyone new. :/

Oh well: since arenas are idiotic as long as they don't follow the tank+heal+2dd rule of the 4 player groups this game was designed to deploy, there will always just be the "one group rolls over the other" matchup that ruins probably more people out of the system than flaming... The hole thing is just a lineup-lottery. There should never ever have been a thing as "solo" and "ranked" in one queue-system.