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These reasons are why I try to offer advice to people and suggest that they play regs until having atleast fully augmented Obroan. Everyone involved will have a better time if everyone in the game is geared. Usually, gear = knowledge enough not to suck at the class... but we all know that isn't always the case. Being fully geared just gives one less excuse for people to call you out on being a bad player. Please be geared and your skill will almost definitely be better than someone who didn't take the time to gear up before entering the ranked arenas.

I will always help out my fellow tanks, because I want to get pops. It's counterproductive to badmouth your opposing tank/healer because that means it's one less tank/healer queueing against you. If you are a tank/healer who loses a lot, don't give up. Ask your enemy how to improve because clearly they have a better idea than you. I think if we all just help each-other out instead of calling everyone you beat a ******* the community will be a far better place... but I think I expect too much. Just tell people what they did wrong without discouraging them from playing this game. The population is low enough and EAware does a fine enough job turning people away. We don't need to help the unsub numbers.

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