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07.15.2014 , 08:14 PM | #2
You make a good point and it is rather sad. I understand people who are mad when an under geared player and/or troll hurts their rating but just because a person is new or not very good is not any reason to attack them. The system should put this person with other bad players and if the system doesn't then it is BW's fault not the player.

If a person is a terrible tank or healer it is alright to ask them to please go dps before q'n again though as long as you are nice about it the first match. It is rather rude for a beyond terrible healer/tank to keep q'n as that spec. By terrible I mean doesn't guard or doesn't even try to heal the rest of the team. If they are just bad then I think it is still wrong to attack them as long as they are geared.

One interesting thing I've seen is that the main q sync guild on my server actually attacks anyone else q'n when they are (even if the person is better than them). This is really pitiful as they just want to make sure their q sync works. This really kills population and is a big reason why I want ranked to be mixed faction teams.