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I have a great deal of respect for the players who know the strongest combinations for their roles, especially in a PvP environment; which is so hyper-competitive.

I have a great deal more respect for the players who look at the discarded, discredited, or unused specs and looks at the hidden possibilities. Players like you are the people who probably get the least amount of sympathy, and probably no small amount of hate, for not preforming at optimal levels. Yet its people like you who find the new play-styles and the new techniques a class is capable of. Today you are writing amusing anecdotes about an unused spec. perhaps a year from now, you will be writing 'The Zap Witch Guide to PvP.'

Not to say you might be the chosen one or anything. Perhaps Squirrelcorpse's destiny is just to be amusing. Either way, you provide the sort of vibes I like to see on a form.

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