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I could make the same arugment for you, my guardian, assassin, merc and GS (I've deleted and remade a scoundrel) never had over 29K and they all had full conquer.
my guardian was also min/maxed in conquer until I just recently got the full oraban set, and my health went DOWN, signifigantly.
my sage who had no pvp gear since he recently got to 55 didn't get bolstered for over 29K and now with only one oraban piece missing, he still is at 27K.

your bs is no better than mine.
He's probably referring to people who know what they are doing and augment their gear.. Last time I was sub-30k hp, was in full conquerer.

If you aren't augmenting your gear at 55, you're doing it wrong like Crinn said (stop it Crinn, don't like agreeing with you).

As far as the OP goes, it's probably cause he is level 12. Bolster gives alot more at the very low end of the PvP bracket because you A) lack skills that higher levels have access to, and B) cannot put certain pieces of gear into slots before a certain level anyways. See what he gets when he's the level you are now, and compare.