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This is why nobody takes you seriously.

Brutalizer is 32-33.5k HP
Obroan is 31-32k HP
Conq is 30k
Brutalizer tank is 42-43k HP
Obroan tank is 41.5k
Conq tank is 40k

If you are under 30k HP at 55 you are doing something very very wrong.

As for the OP, pics or it didn't happen. (on a side note you lose expertise if a slot is empty) Also if you take might mods in lowbie you generally can't exceed 30k hp, you need guardian for that.
I tried to take screenies of every single of his slot.. didn't the work completely.. I missed half my screenies... I can post his HP on screenies.. but I don't have his whole gear ....,lh08L15#0,lh08L15#1

So for his gear state you'll have to take what I say
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