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Me and my friend are both level 29.
We're also both Sith Inquisitors.
I rolled Assassin and went into the Deception part of my skill tree.
He rolled Sorcerer and went into Corruption.

Note: Companions not used for either of us.

We did a few duels, and he won each time.
It seems as though he can just easily heal through everything I throw at him... and for what feels like an eternity. He would just dot me up, run around, heal, shield, etc.

Now I generally do Thrash, Thrash, Shock as the normal rotation since this is the most dps/force efficient method. However I do throw out the occasional Maul when it pops up.
I also kept him slowed at all times with Force Slow(roughly every 12 or 13 seconds I used it)

No matter how low i get him he just somehow survives before I can get a last/next hit and heals. It feels as though he dots me, and there just isn't enough dps that can come from a player that's enough to truly finish a healer off.

Also Note: We both had fairly up to date gear; all consisting of orange or purple all with blue mods or better recently bought from vendors on the imperial fleet.

What I'm wondering:

1. Do companions with both of us make a huge difference in this testing?(even though they aren't generally in warzones)
2. Does this feeling of being overpowered ever change between my current level to higher levels?
3. Does anyone else feel the same?
4. Are Sorc Healers just seriously OP or am I just witnessing something that will change later in the upper 40s to 50?
5. As an assassin would it be wise and/or effective to go completely into Darkness spec primarily for defensive/healing bonuses and to roll around with standard willpower/surge/accuracy gear(same equipment I'm using with Deception)?
6. Am I perhaps playing my assassin incorrectly as far as how to approach a more defensive role in pvp?
7. Advice as far as a synergy in pvp and/or pve?
(I do however understand it's hard to tell what synergy works considering there is no recount/dps to help grasp it all)

Thank you for your time reading this !!
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