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You will get OH SO KILLED

You might kill a few here or there but soon it will be clear why it's a 4 player thing. And some of those heroics actually requires several players to activate stuff.
Oh, yes. We were nuked. It was a level 31, not merely level 29, so at level 36 (with full blue 35 gear) she wasn't quite overpowered enough. And Khem Val's nowhere near geared properly.

But then I ganked my first pub, which was nice. Actually it wasn't nice. It wasn't very fun at all. It was some poor level 29 gunslinger who was struggling with the scenery, already down to half HP, and I just kind of absent-mindedly let loose with Chain Lightning, red-misting the gunslinger and the scenery he was struggling with.

I was expecting more of a fight... like, some kind of epic duel but... the poor thing. The poor sod. The poor bastard. I just kind of feel sorry for him. (I mean, she is Light Side, ya know?)