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Here's my problem with premades. You have at least 2 healers and at least 1 tank. Healer #1 gets focused, tank guards healer takes 50% of the damage plus 5% damage reduction and if the tank is good he'll use his taunts liberally which will account for more damage reduction. Meanwhile healer #2 is free casting on healer #1 and Tank. If the group changes focus to healer #2 the tank swaps guard to healer #2 and same thing happens again. Say everyone focuses on the Tank? Then he gets double healed from healer #1 and healer #2. No one dies. You need at least 5 players on the opposing team to have a chance at killing at least one of the trio. Meanwhile the rest of the opposing team has basically free reign to go about killing capping interrupting the team that it is almost impossible to do anything and the game becomes a bore. The only way to counter this is to have your own premade group, then you end up with a match where virtually no one dies and it's almost impossible to cap anything. 1 tank 1 healer isn't as hard to beat if you have the numbers but 2 healers and 1 tank played well is virtually impossible in pub. Compound that with the fact that because the matches are not death match they just come right back after you kill them and you have to start all over. Bioware needs to address this by either putting a timer on the guard swap or making returns on healing diminishing with multiple healers or limiting the number of healers in a match.
This entire scenario has absolutely nothing to do with premades...