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07.14.2014 , 06:44 AM | #25
I dunno. H2s are very do-able at 6 levels over, especially with a 1 minute CC available, if your gear is up to scratch (full blues within a level or 2 of your level, esp. hilt and offhand armoring) -- although Khem Val's death field thing is murder on CCs (Treek is so much better).

It's also quite viable (if it's an instanced area) to run out of the instance after killing half of a pack while your companion stages a heroic last stand -- although again, this gets harder the deeper you are in. Open world Heroic areas are trickier, not the least because, while the mobs will eventually Evade, you will probably be running through respawned areas.

Overall, though, better to get a group together, depending on your server population.