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A little piece! This is in part my apology for messing up Yuun's speech patterns in my earlier pieces. A Gand who is shamed or who screwed something up will retreat from using their name and instead will use "This Gand." It is possible for the Trooper to trigger this at certain points in game, but that's beside the point...

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BABY KALIYO: Hey. Bugboy.
BABY KALIYO: ...Well, that was offputting.
BABY YUUN: Yuun did not mean to cause confusion.
BABY VECTOR: We did not mean to interfere.
BABY KALIYO: Does anyone around here use normal pronouns?
BABY KALIYO: Quiet, Fishboy. Anyway, I was talking to Bu--Vector.
BABY YUUN, contritely: This Gand apologizes for the mistake.
BABY KALIYO: Agh! Stop with the name changes!
BABY VECTOR, diplomatically: What were you going to ask?
BABY KALIYO: I forget. I'm too freaked out now.
BABY KALIYO starts walking away.
BABY KALIYO: Hey, Fishboy, want to play a game?
BABY VECTOR, watching them go: That can't end well.
BABY YUUN: Signs point to one thing.
BABY VECTOR: What's that?
BABY YUUN: Yuun has accidentally found a way to get on Kaliyo's nerves.
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