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Got Revan off GTN yesterday, too. (Had Darth Malgus/Shan for a very long time, but I never realized Revan was any use).

I think it's fair that some cosmetic things are really rare and are only available in packs/really expensive on GTN. I do disagree when it comes to statues, though. It's not a matter of appearance(not, say, a Revan set), it's a matter of convenience. It's the same as if they were selling a quick travel upgrade(from 10 minutes to 8 minutes) in one cartel pack only, and that pack was already embargoed.

I think every player, no matter when they joined the game, should be able to buy all convenience unlocks right away, and preferably from the legacy/global unlocks tab. Maybe the trainer/revan statues should be added there - either for legacy level 10/20/30 or for cartel coins.
Just my opinion, but I disagree. IMO, it makes no difference whether an item is cosmetic or convenience. Some items are available for limited time only, some items simply become no longer available. There is nothing wrong with this. Even if it is a convenience item, no player is "entitled" to be able to always have access to any particular item.

That said, as others have already pointed out, those statues ARE still available, either from the rep vendor or from the GTN.