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Notes with bunch of images here:

  • July 15th – Cutoff for early access. If you subscribe before then you will get Nar Shaddaa for free with 3 rooms.
Fleet Changes
  • New droids on the crew skill section of the fleet that will take crafting components and craft decorations
  • New holo – starts stronghold quest
  • Stronghold Directory – Nar Shaddaa on the left, Coruscant in the middle and Tatooine on the right. Also in the Crew Skills area of the fleet. Allow you to buy and travel to your stronghold. Once you purchase a stronghold and travel to it your quest completes and you get a start set of decorations
  • Vendor that sell decorations – some for cartel certificates, other for credits.
Public Listings
  • Public Listings: Accessed through the stronghold directory you can see other player’s strongholds if they are listed. You can change your stronghold to private, or public (all or your faction only)
  • Coruscant/Dromund Kaas strongholds can be listed to your faction only on public listings. You will need an invite or key to access them on the opposite faction.
  • Strongholds need 1000 minimum prestige to be listed on public listings and are ranked based on the prestige – more prestige means higher listings.
  • Nar Shaddaa/Tatooine can be listed to be accessible for all factions.
  • You do not need a key or invite to visit a stronghold on the public listing.
  • If you are visiting someone else’s stronghold, you can’t modify anything and can only access areas that are unlocked.
  • Players cannot visit your stronghold listed on public listing unless you are online. You will need to give keys to people if they want to visit offline.
  • Increase by unlocking decorations, which increase your legacy prestige score.
  • Each stronghold has its own prestige score which is calculated by stronghold completion x legacy prestige score. Subscribers have double prestige score bonus.
  • For example: 125836 (legacy prestige score) x 0.32 (% completion) x 2 (subscriber bonus) = 80535
  • Upgrades: 9/9 means you have 9 rooms unlocked. This increase the number of players that can visit your stronghold (capped at 60 currently for Coruscant)
  • If you don’t want to public list your stornghold, you can send temporary invites to someone and they can visit as long as you are online and in your stronghold. You can also kick them out.
  • You can give out keys to more permanent visitors – gold key (owner only). Silver key – they can invite/kick other people. Bronze key- able to visit only. Keys do not cost anything. You can also revoke people’s key or just ban them.
  • Keys are character specific and not legacy wide.
  • For guild headquarters, every guild member will have a key.
  • Can you duel inside strongholds? Yes you can duel inside strongholds
  • Pricing of Strongholds: Dromund Kaas/Coruscant are most accessible. Tatooine/Nar Shaddaa are more expensive. Tatooine have bigger hooks. We want level 15-16 characters to be able to afford the strongholds.
  • What does completion % mean? How many rooms you have unlocked and how many decorations you have placed
  • Is there a rent? No rent
  • Are there day/night cycles inside your strongholds? No day/night cycles
  • Travel options There are four: Planet, last location, fleet, starship
  • Lighting can affect the room in some ways but not completely as the room already have natural lightning. So you can’t make a room pitch black for example.
  • Decoration sources: Decoration vendors, Warzone vendors, Cartel Packs.
  • Interactive decorations: Appearance modification station, item modification, legacy stronghold storage, guild bank, mailbox, stronghold directory, GTN.
  • Chat inside stronghold: You will see the planet chat. We know lots of people want to see the fleet chat, it is something we are still talking about.
  • You need to be a subscriber on the day the promotion ends (i.e. May 11 or July 15) to be eligible for the free stuff.
  • Visiting opposite faction’s stronghold (including your own). Need to pay a fee to get smuggled across. Might be free for smugglers.
  • All of the characters in your legacy can edit the stronghold.
  • Personal stronghold cannot be decorated by anyone else. Exception is guild stronghold in which guild members can edit.
  • For mounts, if you have it as a collection unlock, you cannot just acquire multiples via the collection window. You need to earn it multiple times to have it as multiple decorations
  • Decorations that you can only have one copy of? Coruscant only have one centerpiece hook so you can only have one copy of decorations that occupy the centerpiece hook.
  • Decorations earned as an achievement – can you earn it again? – Yes, not 100% sure.
  • Dromund Kaas is rainy – you can see the rain on your windows. It is dark and moody.
  • Freeform vs hook system – We want to make it easy for the average player to utilize as decorating can be difficult with a freeform system.
  • Can you sell/buy decorations on the GTN – Yes, especially for crafting. There are also tradeable decoration components involved with Guild flagships etc that are hard to get and features an unique system we have not put in the game before.
  • Mannequins to decorate your armor? – You can display companions wearing them.
  • Training dummies – Not sure, need to ask Jack.
  • How do I unlock more mount decorations – If you own the mount it is unlocked as a decoration.
  • You can place only 1 copy of your companion in the stronghold, even if you have multiple characters with the same companion.
  • You cannot dye decorations
  • Datacron decorations are acquired from planets (i..e Quesh, Hoth).
  • Are strongholds embedded into the environment or instanced? – They are instanced.