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unfortunately - this has been bioware's issue since original KOTOR, possibly even before that. its just as bad in Mass Effect, except in SWTOR you cannot hack your light/darkside points like you can with ME paragon/renegade score.

I'm hopeful that they will in fact add more gear that has no alignment requirement, I'm personally even fine if it costs 3 times as much/is harder to get. as long as the option is there and its possible to pick choices as you see fit instead of min maxing them. right now I'm playing a character for whom its in character to take mostly lightside choices, but its not going to be so cut and dry with several of my alts.
Yet Mass Effect doesn't restrict gear based on alignment, and it isn't an MMO. Gear is vital in an MMO, and the fact that it's restricted based on the choices a player makes forces the players hand.