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So, you basically want choices without consequences. Too bad you are asking for that in a game 100% based on the battle between dark and light.
Well... come on. Even in the novels and movies, a Jedi could instantly go full-on dark side because of 1-3 choices, and Darth Vader himself was redeemed by the light for one choice.

Many of the things that give you dark side points are silly moustache-twirling kinds of evil that don't make much sense for anyone to choose, even if you happen to be Palpatine, and other dark side things are more like just perspectives. Similarly, many light-side points are awarded for acting in a completely sanctimonious, holier-than-thou kind of way that are very distasteful.

So yeah, the light / dark isn't really doing a terrific job in the game. Particularly when rather good equipment is dependent on many of those quirky choices.