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07.09.2014 , 06:04 PM | #402
You know PvP is broken when you buy PvP gear and get a +.01% bonus to PvP stats and lose a bunch of other stats.

I was going to comment on the level 20 items, but then saw the stats. Why did Bioware change the rating numbers? The guide should be updated for the new numbers, unless the guy quit the game, which wouldn't be surprising since it's awful.

"You can still be competitive with PvP gear". Yeah, maybe if you're one of the few classes that aren't terrible, like sages.

Would love to hear an explanation for how multiple classes crit for 10k, repeatedly, with instant skills, when sages can barely reach 4k with 2 second casts when fully bolstered (2016 exp) with 78% surge rating, and die to a single class before their CC wears off.
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