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07.09.2014 , 06:25 AM | #20
This may be a dickish question, but how are you going to get better doing pvp once a day? Why not a few hours a day so that you can get actual experience. Don't get me wrong, i think it's great that you are branching out, but you're kind of just a tourist at this point. Dive in. You've already got your feet wet. Might as well get the full experience.
It is a fair question, rather than a dikish one. My entire life I always stuck to one principle - if something is hard but needs doing it should be like brushing teeth. So, once a day to not drop it off. I might try more, but my main fun in this game comes from playing the story, both as a solo on 3 characters, and on 9 grouped characters. I normally have under 1 hour in the morning to play solo, and sometimes an hour, maybe hour and a half in the evening (for grouped). Do more on the weekend, of course.

I am still a very new player who has 0 class stories completed, though I am close on 2. I also played SP games all my life, and never minded pulling out CLUA Console to cheat when things got tough. This game is the first one where the game keeps me straight and narrow. As much as it is fascinating it is also frustrating.

To summarize: baby steps.