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07.09.2014 , 06:16 AM | #19
I am pretty certain the scoreboard is actually kinder to me than the gameplay permits.

Started early today, on a morning run, with a character who made a noob mistake and therefore needs comms like air to even get L50 Makeb equipment. Those of you who think that Empire stands no chance on Harbinger, rejoice! One particular Imperial party certainly had a field day this morning, I stand witness. I understand that I probably willfully replace a good high level player with my bumbling toon, but I really need the comms.

Date: 09 July 2014
Server: Harbinger
Character: Tishujen, Gunslinger, Dirty Fighting Spec, Lvl 53, equipment an eclectic mix of L47 blues and L50 purples (worse than the Sage)
Placement: <5 min (That's at 4 am, WOW!)
Zone: Voidstar (but a different role)
Died: 11 times (wow, nearly got 15 deaths achievement), and it shows 7 kills, but I am pretty positive it is not solo
Won or Lost: Lost (0:6, lol)
Suckage: 5th from the bottom
Loot: 200 WZ Comms (100 from some sign-up or another) and... did not look

The Empire had a really amazing player, an Inquisitor of sorts, that moved like nothing else, and basically electrocuted the toons out of the gates. I think the Imps went as a team as well, as I saw signs of coordination (a couple of Maras around the perimeter that the Inquisitor was not controlling). My toon this time was not so much stunned, as just killed by the AoE very fast. I totally forgot to tab through the targets; I tried to be more mobile but it takes getting used to, with a PvE style being roll to the target, drop in cover and fight from there. Basically no heals, but as a DPS one cannot expect that, plus, I have a feeling that most of the folks were in similar circumstances to mine. I fared worse as a DPS, I only got to 3,000 damage from a single ability, while Healer got her 5,000+ heal.

All and all, for the amount of reward, PvP is way better than Flashpoints and doesn't leave you with a repair bill. I am going to print out the descriptions of the warzones to have a better idea as to what is actually going on, what the heck node means, why it has to be capped, and stuff.