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07.08.2014 , 06:00 PM | #14
Okay. Today's Report

Date: 08 July 2014
Server: Harbinger
Character: Quinly-farlong, Sage, Healer Spec, Lvl 52, equipment an eclectic mix of L47 blues and L50 purples
Placement: <1 min
Zone: Voidstar
Died: ~ 5 times?
Won or Lost: Won (5:2 was the score)
Suckage: 4th from the bottom
Loot: 250 WZ Comms and 7 of something else(?)

This Warzone was easier to run around in than the Navarre Coast one I have visited 20 or so levels ago. That's a positive. What the heck the guys were doing I have no idea (yes, it was explained in the beginning). I spent my time between healing whoever was within reach, being stunned and shaking off assorted Marauders unsuccessfully. I think I attempted one cleanse (memory fails if it were successful) and used Speed once. I totally forgot about lifting & never managed to stun anyone, which is annoying, providing the amount of stunning love the character got. I was wondering if stunning the clueless sage was some sort of a mini-game.

Okay, good till tomorrow!