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Hmm, I'll commit to one pvp match a day on my scoundrel, lvl 52. I have played him a bit in pvp and liked it a whole lot more then my main. I think it will help me get my healer ready for raids, with the needed quick reaction time and fast paced playing. Also having the comms to get both obroan relics and another piece of pvp gear when I ding will also be cool. I'll try t report back.
Good idea. Seems to me that (depends on the individual ofc) straight PVEers can put themselves at a disadvantage for PVE. When everything is on-script no problem. When there's a goof up or things otherwise get off-script, and it's time to assess and act on the fly, I've seen them often freak out or just give up.

Since PVP trains more on quick, fluid, assessing and planning to fit the situation you'd be enhanced skill-wise. Not just knowing to wait for A cuz then it's time to do B and C. Also too you can be that guy in raids that instinctively runs strafes, and mouse-turns through NPCs making your self-rooting op mates wonder ***.