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Wow, Corellia has some great stuff, actually.

On a Tram Station, scenery dialogue, Auxilary Park (a rec area under heavy bombardment, lol!)
a dad is complaining how animals run wild and how something should be done about it: The Zoo is supposed to be safe.
The exasperated Trooper: "Sir, for the safety of your daughter, please clear out of the area."

OMG, that captures so well the entitlement and the blind parenthood Well done, Bio!
That's Axial Park, by the way.

Just got my Gunslinger off of Coruscant, but as we approached Captain Winborn in the lower levels, Corso Riggs dropped this gem...

"Oh, man...they're having shootouts in the street? Man, I thought Coruscant was gonna be boring!"
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Twiki (with or without Dr. Theopolis), Muffet, and Wesley Crusher could form a boy band and do a Buck Rogers/BSG/Trek crossover tour, then crash on a remote asteroid, meet up with Doctoor Zee, and save themselves by making a spaceship out of random Cylon debris... and it would still be much less stupid than Jar Jar. referral link!