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07.04.2014 , 01:23 PM | #401
I got all my 3 mod armor pieces and MH/OH to totals of 458 (excluding crystals), belt to 302 (162 armor 140 mod), 148 rating bracers, matrix shard (rating 124) and dread guard relic (rating 154), 152 implants and 156 ear. Expertise was at 1932. Since the cap without MH/OH PvP crystals is 1936, my assessment is that 152 is the magic number - either as average on multi-mod gear, or the rating on single rating items. Anything over that and you start to lose exp. I think I got max bolster on everything but dread guard relic and ear, where I lost a few points. Going to try swapping out the ear for a 152 piece and see what happens.