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12.25.2011 , 04:34 PM | #1
Heroic Quest's and Flashpoints, like several other MMO's which failed, are basically irrelevant once you've exceeded that area's intended rank. Why would they make a design that doesn't allow for a player to play the game in any order he see's fit instead to have the "right amount of challenge" he MUST progress in a limited fashion? If one levels too quickly the challenge will be gone just like that, it is shame that that content will be wholely irrelevant once the players reach level-cap.

These things would be cool to come back to [later on when I'm tired of PvP] other than to "watch" or to do once and then move on.

These small instances are obviously a fairly large chunk of development, it seems pointless for them have NO CHALLENGE and NO REWARD for anyone who outranks the area ranks requiremnet.

Unless I'm missing something, these instances should be playable at ANY rank and reward appropriately. I'm talking about scaling REWARD and CHALLENGE to the player or groups real rank. Seems do able to me, does anyone agree?