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Just a thought that popped into my head. The thread further down debates about whether Luke force-choked a Hutt, but was Luke wrong to kill the Hutts especially Jabba. The Jedi way is peace and surely he could have escaped with minimal casualties. What do you guys think?
I believe that other thread was about Luke using Force Choke on the Gamorrean guards inside Jabba's Palace, not about Luke using Force Choke on a Hutt. In any event, the ultimate result of the rescue mission - Jabba's death - is a good thing. Jabba was, after all, a crime lord and slaver.

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Im pretty sure Luke told Han that he was bluffing about having other plans.
I recently re-watched ROTJ with a couple friends. Luke did not say any such thing.

Luke did have multiple plans. The first was negotiation - hence R2 and 3PO's entreaty. The second was Leia's rescue attempt. The third was to Force Persuade Jabba into allowing Han, Chewbacca, Leia, and the droids to leave with Luke. The fourth was to kill Jabba (one could say this was actually the fifth, and that the fourth was a second attempt at negotiation but I think that's unnecessary). In almost every case, Lando's presence there prior to even the droids was insurance; presumably he would've taken the droids with him if the first negotiation attempt had succeeded.

Of course, all of that careful planning would have been for naught if Mara Jade had actually managed to carry out her own plan and get onto the sail barge...