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12.25.2011 , 04:18 PM | #1
I have so many Heroic quests that I cannot do because there only seems to be like 80 people on this planet at any one time and most of them do their own thing. The ones that want to group never seem to be doing things at the same time as you and because of the travel time it's such an effort to get people together.

It wouldn't be so bad if there was a LFG chat as standard but instead everyone is spamming General which becomes really annoying. Also there is only a 25 quest limit, why not put heroic quests on their own thing so they do not count? A lot of the time I have to do other things while I'm waiting for a group and I cannot take quests unless I drop one of the heroics. The thing is I cannot remember when I got each quest from and as they're repeatable I wouldn't know if I have done it already.

LFG tools have become standard in MMOs now and they make grouping so much more fun. You can all get in a group and instantly warp to the location that you want to do the quests in. It would allow people to just effortlessly get into a group without having to ask a hundred times on chat and wait for an hour.

It doesn't help that people are instanced over a few different planets either. Not having this tool though is really making playing this game hard work and I'm not having fun trying to complete heroic stuff. I don't know if I'm playing the game wrong but my Sith Assassin seems to struggle with even heroic 2+ with my pets. I'm not using the droid you get because he repeats the same thing about wanting to please me over and over and the other mutant guy lacks a good tank.

Any ways, LFG tool please!

Edit: Btw I mean a proper one like how WoW does it, not what is in the game currently.