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06.27.2014 , 09:00 PM | #1
(Wasn't sure if this should go in guild recruitment considering it isn't actually made yet, so I offer my apologies for this thread possibly being in the wrong sub forums)

Hello all, I am a Roleplayer of about 7 years looking to start a guild around a topic that I have not seen yet. I hope is for the people to be able to create their own gangs within the one giant guild, own different sectors of nar shadaa, and to fight the other gangs/ ally with other gangs in the guild to acquire territory and to control the slave trade, etc.

This is a type of roleplay I have been itching to participate in but simply have not found a guild that does this. I would love to start this guild with some people and build it, as I see it as a great idea for roleplay.

My IGN is Careringten, I would like to try to get this started with some people

That's all I got thanks!