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That's what I'm thinking as well, they basically fixed most (all?) other classes and specs and they will hopefully focus on us for the next round. Hoping to get some detailed answers this time around even if we know their answers are usually thin on details.
Well, I have this theory that 3.0 isn't that far away anymore and that it will come with changes to pretty much every skill tree (likely even a new level cap and a new tier for every tree). If this is correct, they should already be working on these changes for a while and anything that happens before, is seen as rather temporary.
I think the changes Engineering needs are rather large, so it would make sense to put them into an update as big as 3.0. However, they can't tell us about these changes, since they haven't even announced 3.0 yet - whatever reason for.

So I wouldn't expect any concrete details in the answers.