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ODTONE: I don't think anyone understands half of what you try to say

He tried to tell you to write clearly, use the correct ability names etc. etc., but you resorted to insults. Nobody will take you seriously when on top of being incoherent, you continuously _try_ to insult people here.. You're only making a fool of yourself and we don't care what people like that think of anything.
lol i did not reply to the person they did to me, and the way the person talked to me is not very nice as you say, i hadnt even talked to the person.
I cant take someone seriously either who says the blaster wip bonus is a pvp bonus lol

then just ignore it if you cant read it...
and if you read my first reply its not even agressive at all untill the person gets all nasty to me.
btw english is my 3rd language , so ya id like to see you talk my 2 main languages for fun lol, at least i try to express myself , no matter how weird it may appear to you.
if you really take the time and look youll see i did not insult that person first, but hey bad odt.
read it chronologically, my opinion is mine your opinion is yours.
and whats funny is that you are basically of the same opinion more or less than me, when im talking about saboteur not getting enaugh attention, i guess my first post was just abit rough, i agree on that, but none the less did not insult the person personally, they insulted me personally first!
Sorry i will defend myself, university english or not!
this is the internet and a game, get a dictionary if you want 100% correct english.
the internet will not adapt to you with perfect english all the time, get used to it, this world is a global community now. sorry not everyone who likes playing games talks 100% perfect english, but hey you dont complain when we send you guys money.