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Anyone else anxious for the answers? Think we will get an insight of what they have been working on for engineering?
Honestly, I don't think they were working on anything for engineering. After our questions last year, the class balances went to other specs that were really outperforming or to classes that had serious problems in some areas and lacked specs for PvP / PvE. Engineering wasn't as big of a deal, since we have a good PvP and ok PvE specs. The only problems we still have as a whole class are stated in our questions: lack of AOE damage after nerf, slightly less long term damage than other classes, and survivability. They tried to increase survivability with Defense Screen buff, but it is not enough. Other classes were lacking a DPS PvE or PvP spec, or their tanking or healing spec was awful. A lot of other classes also have AOE damage problems, and the lack of PvE damage is due to the nerf and BioWare buffing so many of the other classes.

I hope they make Engineering changes in 2.9 now that the other classes are fixed and that we asked them about it twice.

Tl;DR: I think they haven't worked on Engineering yet. Engineering is just one broken spec, while other Advanced Classes were broken in one aspect of the game. They should start working on Engineering now.
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