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Sigh.. Here we go...
Please for any future responds, try to help the reader a bit. I mean at least use the names. I mean what am I supposed to do with "the droid boost"?

Quote: Originally Posted by ODTONE View Post
lol yes dodge has his effect still but it was suppose to cleanse force stuff also or so have a longer duration , till people complained it was to op
To correct myself a bit, it actually purges stuff instead of cleanse. Healers cleanse and dodge purges.
So back to the quote, Dodge purges any effect that can be purged. That includes the DoTs with cleanse protection.
Besides that it gives a 3 second melee and ranged attack protection.
The effect that was tested and later removed was a tech and force protection in addition of the above effect.

Quote: Originally Posted by ODTONE View Post
airstrike is less, flashbang is less, giving others something and nothing really to slingers mainly sabo, is less,
youre telling me that little droid boost is a big up? compared to other stuff they added
droid boost, droid boost.... Oh you mean Defense screen, I think. If not then please tell me what ability you are talking about.
And please quote me where I mention it is 'a big up'. The buff was necessary and nice, but calling it big would be overdoing it.

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i dont need xtra power as sabo, never run out of it really, im not a comando lol or a scoundrel heals lol,
so great it gives more of what a sabo doesnt need.
Wait is this still about the droid boost? What power do you not run out of? Or better said, what are you talking about? (this also applies to most of what you have written)

Quote: Originally Posted by ODTONE View Post
Sabotage does not have the power problem the other smug trees have,
Can you please start calling the tree Saboteur? I mean I get confused a lot with the ability Sabotage Charge.

Quote: Originally Posted by ODTONE View Post
and the other piece ability is useless for sabo. and what ability execute sorry? no execute bonus for sabo i think your thinking like a sharpshooter and applying it to sabo.
Oh this is going to be fun, lets take a look at the next quote before I continue..

Quote: Originally Posted by ODTONE View Post
All the smug nerfs happened to aoe stuff in case you didnt notice that. do you even play sabotage, so tell me what i need as someone who never played the tree lol?
I admit I do not use Saboteur often, but I do use it.
Now you are (I think) assuming I have never used the tree and know nothing of it, while you don't even know about Quick Draw? You know, your execute ability?
It is the ability you try to use as often as possible on targets below 30% health. And the lower cost (note, 4pc pve set bonus) allowing you to use it more often without risking to ruin your energy.

Besides may I remind you of a certain relic glitch which has been fixed? Which lowered the overall damage output of all 3 trees both single and multi target.

Quote: Originally Posted by ODTONE View Post
The piece bonus is bogus for sabo almost better to use the scoundrel 2 piece and get the xrta run from blaster wip,
I have a feeling you are talking pvp here. In which case I agree that the effects should be more worthwhile.

If you are talking pve though, then the 4 pc is usefull. Whether you agree with me or not, I don't care since you can't avoid the facts. Less energy spent on Quick Draw means more energy for other abilities.
Admitted, Dirty Fighting benefits more than the other 2 trees.

Quote: Originally Posted by ODTONE View Post
wich isnt really what a sabo needs either,and the sabo tree wasnt that bad untill all this new messing around, sharpshooter is boring to me, im not a parser so i dont really want to play sharp, dots are even more boring, and because other smug ac who are using flyby as single attack we get it nerfed,
doesnt that rather mean improve sharp or single attacks, if they need fly by as single attack?
sabo use all their aoes also as single attacks. So nerfing fly by basically nerfed our biggest attack.
The only way to get it out of the single target rotation was to make other abilities worth picking over flyby. Thing is, that would make Gunslinger overpowered (which at the time was already one of the strongest).
It is annoying, but the nerf had to happen.
And guess what, they are re-designing Saboteur to make it better. That costs a lot of time.

Quote: Originally Posted by ODTONE View Post
well get others involved in the smug missions, make them have to catch them or so discover the goods etc...
"jabba even i get boarded sometimes"
could even combine it with the bounty hunter event. dont see people complaining that its called bounty missions, didnt i just say devs love bounties and sith lol and how does bounty missions relate even as an activity for a light side guardian tank lol.
for spies could be smuggling some secret pub data etc..
big problem here people have no imagination...
It should be story only.
If you add a feature to just a single class, then you create conflict. A new gameplay feature has to be available for everyone, no matter the class.
Making smuggler the euhm... smuggler and the other classes the 'police' will cause people to complain. Not everyone wants to create a smuggler, but most people do want to test all gameplay features. If they can't because they do not have a smuggler, then they will (rightfully) complain.
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