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no piece bonuses for pve, i mean thats way overdue getting perma nerfed instead of a piece bonus seems very punishing to me?
How is an extra energy regain and lower cost of our execute ability a punishment?

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and wheres that "something" you wanted to give us since you didnt the last patches and nerfed us
and undid the dodge, our only hope for cleansing ourselves, with cleanses needed in hm ifnot you die in one shot in ops thats kinda cheap to do that for the pvp whiners and remove it,
You know that dodge had and still has a cleansing effect?

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And last but not least, what about giving us smugs some smuggling missions... im not really smuggling much as a smuggler... feels abit superficial being a smug without the risk of a smuggling mission.
While it would be fun, it should be something in the smuggler storyline and not something repeatable. It still has to be fair for others you know.

I have skipped the sabotage/saboteur stuff. We all want changes to that tree. Thing is they have to rework the whole tree. That is a lot of work and in the background they are working on expensions and other new content as well.
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