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06.25.2014 , 09:40 PM | #74
will there ever be any consideration given to sabotage?
no piece bonuses for pve, i mean thats way overdue getting perma nerfed instead of a piece bonus seems very punishing to me? and make the aoes back to what they were for sabos.
if you want to keep the fly by nerf give sabo a piece bonus to boost it back up to normal.
and those cover roll grenades are crap for pve as a 55 ability for ops, compared to the other classes.
Seems like sabo is totally ignored...
and wheres that "something" you wanted to give us since you didnt the last patches and nerfed us
and undid the dodge, our only hope for cleansing ourselves, with cleanses needed in hm ifnot you die in one shot in ops thats kinda cheap to do that for the pvp whiners and remove it,
I know bioware likes killing its players but cmon thats really cheap, couldnt you have added a cleanse then if you didnt boost our dodge!
every patch theres some sorc, jugg or marauder crap but never any word about sabotage,
i smell an emperor with a conspiricy to nerf sabos by making others stronger and doing nothing about it for them lol. So sick that the devs play so much jedi or should i rather say sith same as swg there all sith freaks the devs or bounty hunter... Seem to forget in this old rep world stuff, without a smug at the end of the movie the jedi would have never gotten the death star down... So the empire should fear smugs rightfully.
Stop just focussing on jedi and give me my guns back, jedi dps pvp is a horrible idea anyways.
Its becomming like a rave in the 90s full of glowsticks but the freaks are raged murderers instead of loving ravers lol and theres way too much melee in the ops now!
they die much more in ops, like 1 or 2 sents is enaugh.
Untill something is done about sabotage the rest is all hot air to me and am sick of false hopes.
Im not a sith i dont beleive your lies rofl.
And last but not least, what about giving us smugs some smuggling missions... im not really smuggling much as a smuggler... feels abit superficial being a smug without the risk of a smuggling mission.

"this deal is getting worst all the time!"
calls his android to remove the empires weapons